Timeworn Irregular Hand Cut Mesh Mount in White Carrara


$111.36 / sq. ft.

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The look of ancient Rome in White Carrara irregulat cut mosaic pieces on 12″ x 12″ interlocking mesh mounted sheets.

Sold by the square foot. Each piece is 1 square foot.

Estimated lead-time is 2-3 weeks.


This unique surface is obtained through automatic technology invented by Giovanni Barbieri and used since 1999.  The procedure first wears down the borders of the tiles then creates a semi-opaque natural wavy surface.  The procedure “consumes” the softer parts of the marble composition.  Polishing then makes the surface identical to the most beautifully time worn historical floors in Italy.  No matter how much usage and traffic the marble gets, its sheen and unique reflective qualities remain unaltered.  The end result is a truly timeless work of art by the Italian master. Spina Pesce can be laid out in the “herringbone” pattern for which it is named or in a straight pattern.

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