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About Us

Our Story

Tango Tile was created to share our love of tile with others and offer an easier and more convenient way to buy tile. Our tile collections are designed, developed and produced by some of the most highly recognized tile artisans in the world.

Each and every artisan collection is handcrafted and unique, from colorful modern patterns to exquisitely elegant, traditional pieces. Because we also recognized that not every project has an unlimited budget, we have a wonderful selection of beautiful basics which are stunning on their own or work well with the exclusive artisan collections. Best of all, you never have to leave your chair.

The Collaboration

Artists. Designers. Visionaries. Tile Fanatics. Animal Lovers and more… Here at Tango Tile, we all have one thing in common… a passion for beautiful design and tile! We are honored to partner with some of the most renowed artists in the tile industry.

With the amazing products and our client services available at a click or call at any time, we are here to help you bring your vision to life with ease and enjoyment! Say hello to our Tango family..

Artisan Innovation

Starting with only the highest quality materials, our artisans create magic with their gift to handcraft beautiful, innovative and imaginative tiles. We feature exclusive, authentic designs made with the finest attention to detail.

Crafted by hand, each piece is a true work of art to be cherished in your home or space. Surround yourself in true, pure beauty.

Colors & Patterns

Here at Tango Tile we love and embrace color and pattern! Don’t be afraid to have fun… mix colors, patterns, materials and shapes to create bold or subtle textures and personal styles.

Be creative, play and enjoy – let it be your OWN expression of originality and beauty