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Artisan tiles are a unique and exquisite element in the world of home decor, standing out for their individuality and the craftsmanship that goes into making each piece. Unlike mass-produced tiles, artisan tiles are often handcrafted by skilled artisans, making them not just functional elements but also pieces of art. Browse our collection of hand-crafted artisan tiles and get inspiration on where to use them in your home or commercial space.

What Makes Artisan Tiles Special?

  • Handcrafted Quality: Each artisan tile is typically handcrafted, which means that every piece has its own unique characteristics. The subtle variations in color, texture, and size add to the charm and distinctiveness of these tiles.
  • Unique Designs: Artisan tiles often feature unique designs, ranging from intricate patterns inspired by historical and cultural motifs to contemporary abstract art. These designs are frequently hand-painted, stamped, or carved, adding a personal touch that is hard to replicate in mass-produced tiles.
  • Material and Finish Variety: Artisan tiles come in a variety of materials including ceramic, clay, glass, and even metal. The finishes can range from glossy to matte, crackled, or textured, offering a wide array of options to suit different aesthetic preferences.
  • Sustainability: Many artisan tile makers prioritize sustainability, using natural, recycled, or locally sourced materials. The handmade process also tends to be more environmentally friendly compared to the energy-intensive production of standard tiles.

Where and How to Use Artisan Tiles in Your Home

  • Feature Walls: Artisan tiles are perfect for creating a stunning feature wall in your living room, dining area, or bedroom. A wall adorned with these tiles becomes a focal point, adding character and depth to the space.
  • Kitchen Backsplashes: The kitchen is an ideal place to showcase artisan tiles. A backsplash featuring these tiles can transform the look of your kitchen, making it feel warmer and more personalized.
  • Bathroom Elegance: In the bathroom, artisan tiles can be used for shower walls, floors, or as decorative borders. Their unique patterns and colors can turn a simple bathroom into a luxurious retreat.
  • Floor Accents: While they are often used on walls, artisan tiles can also be an excellent choice for flooring. Using them as accent pieces within a larger, more neutral tile layout can create an intriguing and distinctive look.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Some artisan tiles are suitable for outdoor use, perfect for adding a decorative touch to patios, garden paths, or outdoor kitchens.

Installation and Maintenance

Artisan tiles often require careful installation to ensure that their beauty is showcased properly. It’s advisable to hire a professional who has experience with these types of tiles. As for maintenance, most artisan tiles need regular cleaning with mild detergents and may require sealing, particularly in high-moisture areas, to preserve their finish and prolong their life.

Our artisan tiles offer a blend of aesthetics, uniqueness, and quality that is hard to find in standard tiling options. Their versatility in design and material makes them suitable for various applications within a home, from creating striking feature walls to adding elegant touches to floors and backsplashes. By choosing artisan tiles, homeowners not only enhance the beauty of their spaces but also support the tradition of craftsmanship and the artists behind these stunning creations.