California Revival Dante Border 4″ x 8″

$30.00 / pc

$135.00 / sq. ft.

Can't figure out how much you need? Give us a call. We are happy to help.

Dante Border is sharp and crisp and is stunning with the red and Night Blue field tiles and works with the Pilar deco. We love all the California Revival borders around natural wood or wood recreation floors.

Tiles are sold by the piece. Each piece is .67 linear feet. Order 1.5 tiles for each linear foot needed.

Colors in Dante: Honey, Aquarius, Wasabi, Meadow, Orange, Red, Mahogany, Woodland, Night Blue

Lead Time: 5-7 weeks


Luxurious and exclusive, California Revival by Susanne Kibak Redfield transcends any one architectural type or style.  The designs are reminiscent of the classic California Mission genre yet also very modern and fresh.  Each is hand painted and crafted at every step of production.  Ms. Redfield chose a rich, vibrant color palette for her exquisite designs which can be used to make a continuous wall of excitement or as accent pieces to “pop” against her lush field tiles.  California Revival is a true artisan collection.  The collection offers a variety of popular sizes in decos and borders with complementary field tiles and trims to finish your project. Approved for lightly trafficked floors, walls, interiors, and exteriors in non-freezing climates. California Revival Tiles can be used in numerous applications such as kitchens, baths as well as stair risers, furniture and fireplace surrounds. Let your imagination soar…

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