After Dark Glass Mosaic Tile

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After Dark is another great choice for people looking for hard-to-find black tiles. We love that Ms. Blakeley threw in a little silvery moonlight. All glass tiles are extremely hard to photograph well, and Ellen Blakeley tiles are especially difficult because of their depth and complexity. They must be sampled and seen under lighting conditions where they will be used.

Tiles available up to 3′ x 6′. Prices for the Ellen Blakeley Collection begin at $180/square foot.

Lead time 4-8 weeks

Unique, exquisite, hand created glass. Tasteful bling. Ellen Blakeley has created a whole new form of art glass. Her tiles have all the delightful light reflective and refractive qualities of fine crystal but with the strength and durability of tempered glass. The collection has amazing color choices from neutrals to exotics, and every one vibrant and alluring. Because of the strength of the material, her products can be used in places where glass was never been used before, such as floors and fireplace surrounds. Ellen’s glass is a guilt-free pleasure—it’s all recycled “waste” from local commercial glass companies in her Northern California locale. With sizes up to 3’ x 6’ the design choices are limitless. Ms. Blakeley products are all made to order and can be sized to suit the specific space. Provide room dimensions and the number of tiles you’d like in both directions and have a perfect fit! Customers are also welcome to submit a template with electrical outlets and other cut-outs to avoid on-site cutting. All orders are custom and can be adjusted in terms of size, shape, colors and even embedded memories!

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