Beautiful and Practical: Tiles for Stair Risers

Talavera Tile stair Risers

Amazing use of Talavera Tiles!


Dreams Stair Riser

A very unique and personal way to decorate stair risers

Last weekend I spent over an hour scrubbing the risers on my basement stairs. I hate cleaning but I hate the alternative more. About half way up it occurred to me if the risers were tiled . . . I would NEVER, ever have to scrub off scuff marks and dirt.  For as long as I’ve had stairs, I’ve wanted to have the risers tiled but hesitated because I’m a New Englander and we don’t do that kind of decorative overload in conservative, stark Yankee-land.

Today I thought I’d take a quick peek at and Pinterest ( just to see what other people are doing. In a time equal to the drudge time I spent cleaning I saw some amazing tiled stair risers and many, many were subdued. They weren’t all the Talavera and Portuguese tile I had been fantasizing about. The risers were gorgeous with styles as varied as the architecture of homes.

Paul Schatz IDI Talavera Tile

Authentic Mexican Talavera tile by Paul Schatz at Tango Tile

Traditional Look Stair Riser

Very beautiful, classic stair tile risers.

I have some beautiful natural stone porcelain tiles left over from the basement floor, some lovely and vibrant blue pool tiles I used around the basement floor perimeter, and I’m thinking that I could alternate every 3rd riser with new tiles I buy that are the highly patterned tiles I love so much. I’m also thinking this is my opportunity to try my hand at installing tile. Why not? Who will ever get so close to see my mistakes? This could be fun and would make me very, very happy!


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  1. A friend of mine just turned me on to this site, some truly spectacular and unique designs and creative artistry, even though I am currently not involved in a project, this is motivating me to lively up our kitchen!!

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