Design Trends for the Today’s Bathroom Tile

Giovanni Barbieri's white Flamboyant with gold leaf

From traditional to modern, and the incredible variety of styles in between, there is an abundance of beautiful tiles to design your bathroom with! The selection for bathroom tile might seem a bit overwhelming with so many gorgeous products to choose from, the key is to find what will work nicely with your home’s design […]

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Kitchen Tile Backsplash Trends and Tips

Backsplashes, while once almost an afterthought, are now designed into kitchens as a focal point and a driving design element. Some new trends we are seeing range from application to color to the design/material of tiles. One new backsplash trend is taking backsplash tile all the way above cabinets to the ceiling. This “oversize backsplash” […]

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Ellen Blakeley creating decorative glass mosaics

  Receiving her MFA from Mills College under the tutelage of renowned artist Ron Nagle, Ellen has taken the innovative teacher’s mantra, “break the rules” to heart, literally and figuratively.  Her curiosity and devotion to ignoring boundaries has led to the development of an industrial yet feminine aesthetic romancing urban glass. Ellen has become a […]

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