Hitting the Design Trend with Large Format Porcelain Tile

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The possibilities are endless with large format tiles. Floors, walls, kitchen, baths, indoor, outdoors… pick your passion! Today, large format tiles are breaking new ground with larger sizes, materials and designs.  Eleganza now offers a large format porcelain tile, Magnum, in a 63” x 163” size in a selection of beautiful color options and designs. These new large format tiles are becoming such a hot design trend because there are many advantages to using them in design application. Some of the most common advantages of using these tiles are the versatility, sophistication, ability to see the beautiful veining as nature intended and the way the large size makes spaces more spacious and open.




Large format tiles are so versatile as they can cover large spaces while also being able to be cut down to fit in any nook, corner or shape.  Carry the material from floors to walls to countertops in indoor and outdoor applications. The tiles are also lighter in weight and easier to work with than actual stone slabs.

Clean, Spacious Design

Make any room look larger and more spacious. The contemporary, modern design trend continues to be strong.  Using the large format tiles create the illusion of a large space as there are less grout joints and a continuous material creating a minimalist, luxurious space. Having less frequent grout joints also makes cleaning and maintenance much easier and makes the large format tile a good selection for commercial and high traffic installations.

Continuous Patterns

Highlight the beautiful veining in large, sinuous patterns.  Having the veining of stone be continuous versus broken into smaller pieces is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Eleganza offers some of the large format tiles  in “open book” patterns so even the detail of the veining placement can be designed into specific placement within the space.



Magnum, by Eleganza Tile at Tango Tile

Introducing the biggest porcelain size in the market. Boasting a 63” x 123” size, the Magnum 6mm thick porcelain panels that are ideal for a myriad of applications including walls, floors, countertops, exterior cladding, veneers, partitions, accent walls and furniture facings. The possibilities are endless with six offered different colors produced with the latest high definition technology. The beauty of natural marbles and stones with the durability and low maintenance of innovative porcelain. The advantages of Magnum’s porcelain panels include frost resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance as well as stain and UV resistance. Magnum’s is also available in a smaller, but still grand, 32″ x 32″.


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