My Backsplash Tile Story

Talavera Amapolas Tile from Tango Tile

Talavera Amapolas Tile from Tango Tile

Tile backsplashes truly are the marriage of function and beauty. Backsplashes serve a very real purpose, protecting walls from oils, sauces, acids, and water to name a few. Backsplashes also are a place where you can choose to compliment your design with neutral colors and patterns or be bold and colorful. Either way this is an area where you can make an impact and a statement that reflects your design esthetic while at the same time protecting your home.



It’s amazing to me how a backsplash can be a neutral compliment to your décor or daring art piece. When I’ve seen backsplashes used as a neutral design element sometimes I can’t quite put my finger on what makes the space look so complete and beautiful. It’s like the finishing touches on a cake or the accessories with an outfit, you can’t quite figure out what makes it look so complete.

On the other hand, I’ve also had the experience of walking into a friend’s home and it’s the exact opposite. The first thing I notice is the amazing piece of art that is masquerading as a backsplash. The design and materials choices are so compelling that it is the star of the space.

Both approaches have their merits. As I near the end of my own kitchen renovation, it has become clear to me that the backsplash is so much more than protection, it really completes a space and gives an opportunity for expression.

As for my own kitchen backsplash, I am still torn. I have samples from both “camps” and find myself waffling back and forth. I will keep you posted on the final decision.

Genie Collection from Tango Tile

Bold And Fabulous, Genie Susan by Susanne Redfield and Erin Adams

Rubik's Cube from the Sisters Collection at Tango Tile

Subtle and Warm, from Sisters by Susanne Redfield and Erin Adams

From the Genies Collection at Tango Tile

Classic and Trendy, Genie Sami by Susanne Redfield and Erin Adams

Rubik's Cube from the Sister Collection at Tango Tile

Brassy and Whimsical, from Sisters  by Susanne Redfield and Erin Adams





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